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Assistant App

Assistant App is a great new app powered by the Nuance voice technology used for Dragon and other applications.   It allows you to organise your time by way of a calendar with all dates and events now added by voice recording.

As a dyslexic it allows me to take ownership in planning my time but also means that others can set me reminders.  Hearing a voice relay the information to me is a great help.

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A while back we ran a competition offering you the chance to win an Olympus digital recorder along with Olympus Sonority software.  Our winner was delighted with her prize and speaks very highly of both the digital recorder and the software.  It has really made a difference to her ability to study, take notes and complete assignments to a higher standard. Take a look at the videos below and the Olympus page in our 'Partners' section on the website.

Cloud storage: Dropbox & SkyDrive

Take a look at this introduction to Dropbox.  We thought we should share this again as we begin the second semester of the academic year, it is more important than ever to keep our files organised and in one place.    Using Dropbox and handy applications like DropVox that go hand-in-hand will help you to keep on top of everything during the next few months. What Is Dropbox? from Sandra Fox on Vimeo . If you're looking for an alternative to DropBox, you may be interested in SkyDrive, take a look at the video below for more info on the SkyDrive features... SkyDrive

WordQ for iPad

Here is a new video taking a look at the main features of the WordQ/SpeakQ app for iPad. The app is very useful, having the combination of Dictation, Word Prediction and Text-To-Speech enables me to take ownership and stay in control of my work. Word Q for PC    Word Q for Mac