CapturaTalk Update

This week I have been using the updated CapturaTalk v4 for Android.  The updates have really improved the application and it now feels more stable and each feature is enhanced.

Here's a list of some of the updates they have made and how to utilise them;

1.       Homophone support: (Tap on a homophone and then the dictionary icon)

2.       Improved auto-ocr functionality: (Moved to the toolbar so that it does not obstruct the users view).

3.       Enhanced OCR append mode: (now there is a double line break to easily identify the new OCR text pasted into the Type and speak tab).

4.       Type and Speak text magnification: (drag the slider to increase and decrease font magnification. This applies to text within the application).

5.       Additional CapturaTalk settings such as restore to default: (This is useful in classrooms where user will change settings to suit their needs, but then someone else uses it after).

6.       Dictionary paste: (This feature allows you to select a single word to replace the highlight word within the Type and Speak tab, rather than the ‘Paste’ which pasted the entire text). Further development to come as to displaying homophones in the document as identification for the user.

7.       Nested Categories: This enables a user to create a category of phrases and then inside of then category create an additional category and so on.

8.       There is a choice of reading modes: to read within the browser or to transfer to the reading window where you can then use the dictionary and other features.

9.       Now CapturaTalk text-to-speech settings: where the user can choose to have CapturaTalk echo back text after a sentence

10.   Enhanced TTS Clipboard service: which will provide enhance tts within any application where text is copied to the clipboard.

11.   New application Languages: We now have the application full translated and available in German, Spanish and Swedish as well as English as default.

You can get a free 15-Day Trial here:  
Give it a go and I'm sure you'll agree.