Visual Stress

For many year's I thought that my reading ability, concentration and memory all related to my dyslexia.  Many years later I discovered that visual stress caused by Irlen syndrome was creating many additional issues, I began using tinted glasses and overlays and found that much of my visual stress was relieved.  Here are a few tips on relieving visual stress.

David Hillel Burns has been a practising optometrist in North London for nearly three decades, working in his own practice in Tottenham, in North Middlesex and Whittington Hospitals, and as of 2011, he is now based in East Finchley, with a new practice featuring state-of-the-art equipment - which means that he can offer you a far better and more accurate diagnosis than many of the leading optician chains!

David provides advanced services, including Irlen syndrome tests.

Cerium Visual Technologies
Beneficial reports of the use of colour for reading difficulties came to the attention of Professor Arnold Wilkins (Head of Visual Perception Unit - University of Essex) in the early 90’s. Prof. Wilkins had previously researched Epilepsy and noted that some of the symptoms described by children with specific reading difficulties were similar to some of those of Photosensitive Epilepsy (provoked by a visual trigger).
Cerium offer support for Dyslexia and Visual Stress through eye examination, overlay assessment's and colorimetry assessment's, bespoke colour lenses and overlays.