Competition: Essay Writer or Write Perfect from SparkSpace

For your chance to win a copy of either Essay Writer or Write Perfect from Spark Space, email us at

All you need to do is tell us if you're using a Mac or PC 
and What assistive technology means to you... 

This can be how it has helped you in the past 
or how you feel it can help you in the future.

Good luck!

Essay Writer is a new program that helps to produce an essay in half the time. It allows the student to collect and organise thoughts in a visual way and then add text to create a complete essay.

Essay Writer is simple to use and contains animated tutorials explaining the use of the program and how to produce the best essays.

Write Perfect improves spelling, grammar and writing in English for university students. It uses full multimedia visualisation, patterns and colour to allow optimal learning in the quickest time. Designed for students with dyslexia.