Conversor Pro Recorder

We have recently received the Conversor Pro Recorder for iPhone.

Conversor Pro Recorder is an easy to use, intuitive stereo recorder for use in lectures, classrooms, capturing music, recitals, church services or precious family events and offers back ground noise reduction for crystal clear recordings of voice notes, lectures and interviews.


Now on the iPad 

For a business environment or for students

This Conversor app works in unison with Dragon and with Sonocent AudioNotetaker.
Watch the video below and read more about AudioNotetaker.

Having a picture and audio enable me stay on track

Live Note-taking: record directly on to your laptop via Audio Notetaker. Add keywords, highlight key points using colour markers and annotation tools or break up notes into sections in real time

Sonocent’s development team has been working hard to make Audio Notetaker V3 for PC as innovative and brilliant as possible. Not content with re-engineering how Audio Notetaker performs, we wanted to make sure its user interface lived up to its new capabilities. So, we’ve created a stylish new user interface with eye-catching graphics and a cleaner, easier to use display. We then packed it with new features to make it more intuitive, flexible and altogether a more powerful tool.

Dave Tucker explains some of the new features of Audio Notetaker v3 for PC