CapturaTalk - Introduction

Read, hear or edit any text you photograph, download or type.
CapturaTalk for Android™ is the new Assistive Technology solution from Iansyst. CapturaTalk makes text content accessible and provides literacy support to improve reading and writing skills on Android mobile phones and tablet devices.



 We are installing the application on our Android at the moment and we are really looking forward to testing out some of the features... especially the OCR feature, allowing you to take a picture of a page and convert it to digital text.


Having Assistive Technology in your back pocket you can take ownership of your communications, being able to tailor the technology to your specific needs.  This app can assist with writing, reading and more.  

Watch this space for video updates coming soon.

Update 1:  The OCR scan to text really works!
This is an amazing tool for me and for others it can even translate to different languages, just by taking a picture.

MyDocStore is an innovative concept addressing the missing link in creating and transferring accessible files between platforms. MyDocStore aims to make it quick and easy to transfer files between devices whilst simultaneously converting them into the user's preferred format - whether text, audio or a combination of both. This service will not only benefit learners who experience difficulties with reading due to a disability such as dyslexia, visual impairment or a physical disability, but also those who want to read documents and content when on the move.

MyDocStore iphone app downloading a new file

I've learnt why getting accessible documents onto portable devices can give so much freedom to those with visual impairments.

What is Dropbox?

*Video Updated*
Check out this brief introduction to the benefits of using DropBox at college, work and home and on various platforms such as Android, iPhone and PC.