I have previously received an eye a test with OmniRead a company that specialises in 'maximising reading performance' through tailoring computer screens to the specific users needs, by conducting a series of tests measuring the size of font, screen colour calibration and many more things.

'Tint My Screen test' here   (PC ONLY) 

The TintMy Screen solution is aimed at those computer users who;
taking the Tint My Screen test
  • Wish to improve their reading comfort and efficiency off the computer.
  • Are ‘greedy readers’ and are seeking ways to improve their reading fluency off their computer.
  • Have problems with headaches, dry eyes, migraines, etc following prolonged use and are seeking ways to minimise this discomfort and derive greater pleasure from their computer.
  • Experience a reading problem and are looking for additional support.
The Solution;
  • The test we have devised is patented and based upon the logic inherent within our consultancy offering.
  • By conducting various reading tests the software determines the optimal font size, brightness levels and the background colour settings to provide a more comfortable and personalised solution to the user.

Here is a video from my own eye test with OmniRead

Take a look at this recent video, I took part in a series of tests that in OmniRead’s words are ‘geared towards enhancing reading comfort, demonstrating improved reading efficiency and improving people’s reading speed whilst reading off the computer screen.’