Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome has a wide range of symptoms which may vary from person to person. Personally, I have issues with light in general - using the computer then looking around can leave me disorientated. Using overlays help me stay focused. Filters on my glasses help as well. Do not be afraid to consult your optician.

Studies have shown that 12-15% of the population are affected by Irlen Syndrome. However, it is largely undiagnosed because:

It is not an obvious problem.

It is not identified by standard visual and medical examinations or by educational and psychological assessments.

Sufferers think that the perceptual distortions that they experience are "normal". They assume that everyone else perceives the page and the environment as they do and also experience the same physical discomfort.

The main symptoms of Irlen Syndrome are listed below.

Myths & Facts


Attention and concentration
Brightness and glare
Depth perception and spatial awareness
Distortions of words
Distortions in the environment
Dyslexic type problems
Effects on reading
Effects on writing
Effects on music and maths
Headaches & migraines
Physical symptoms and discomfort
Poor motivation
Reading Problems
Sensitivity to certain colours and patterns
Sensitivity to light
Stress and work performance