What I am Doing...

Currently, I am using my iPhone and iPad consistently to develop and maintain my forward thinking. Also taking ownership of my learning and progression. I get ideas out of head straight away - due to my short term memory I have copy for my own reference.

I am not trying to promote Apple, but personally it ticks my boxes within communication.

I am much more organised as there is less paper! Using my iPhone/iPad I can use apps (such as Talk to Me and Dragon) to help me where I need it.

As long as I have the tools around me, I can work the same as any other person. I am a tactile and visual learner. Sometimes I can lose focus, but using assistive technology helps gather my thoughts and carry on to complete the task at hand.

My dyslexia will always be here, it is about finding ways to embrace it and use the technology available to me. Don't judge me with the way I work, I will always find a way of completing the task in hand. It might be a different way of doing it, but I will get it done to the best of my ability.