Dragon Dictate 2.0 Wireless Now you have a tool within media, such as using Adobe After Effects or Final Cut and so on.

Dragon Dictate for Mac, the premier Macintosh speech recognition solution from Nuance Communications, developer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC and Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad. Powered by Dragon's speech recognition engine, Dragon Dictate for Mac is like a personal assistant that's always helping you get things done - and all just by talking. Simply speak words and they appear on your screen. Did you know talking is about three times faster than typing? It's true. In minutes rather than hours, Dragon Dictate for Mac lets you easily create documents, emails, chats, Facebook entries and more. All just by using your voice - and with up to 99% accuracy. Dragon Dictate for Mac works with the applications you already have, including Apple applications like iWork and iLife.